5 Benefits of A Kashmir Holiday

5 Benefits of A Kashmir Holiday

One of the most attractive parts of the world is the Kashmir valley, which is located in northern India. Surrounded by the Himalayas with plenty of greenery, clean rivers and mountain tops covered with fresh snow, Kashmir has a landscape that is unique and unrivalled. Holiday in Kasmir is not only attractive by its natural beauty but also valuable because of a lot of advantages that can be obtained while travelling, e.g., rest and recreation, active and sporty holidays, exploring of culture and traditions, etc. This article highlights the 5 benefits you can derive from spending your vacation in Kashmir Holiday.

1.      Breathtaking Natural Scenery

There is no denying that the best asset of Kashmir is the natural scenery. Every corner of Kashmir provides views of uncontaminated natural beauties, such as, high towers and valleys of PirPanjal and Karakoram mountains and water lake that mirrors surrounding mountains. These will allow people to just stare for hours and hours at them as the light changes all day long.

2.      Adventure Sports and Activities

Kashmir packages from Jammu offers many adventures for people who would like an active holiday. This is why Gulmarg, which translates to “Meadow of Flowers”, is a prime spot for skiing in winter. Experienced mountaineers may attempt the nearby Apharwat peak. Many rivers and lakes also offer anglings and trout fishes. Kayaks can be readily accessed by houseboat dwellers in Dal Lake.

3.      Rich Cultural Heritage

Kashmir also has a culture that goes beyond the beautiful landscapes and the influence of many civilizations who passed through it. The heritage of medieval structures in the old quarters of Srinagar such as Lal Chowk or centuries-old shrines, mosques, and temples depict Kashmiri architecture. The traditional craft of papier mache, wood carved items, local style of shawl knitting and carpets reflect original art form of people in local environment. Local tastes are found in regional cuisine with rice, yoghurt and spices.

For example, they include Tulip Festival and Pahalgam Festival that promote Kashmiri culture and tradition. Engaging with the friendly, generous citizens of Kashmir brings light to how the Kashmiris live. The appreciation of culture assists visitors in understanding the place than its beauty alone. Consequently, a Kashmir holiday exposes the visitor to the intriguing cultural uniqueness of that region.

4.      Relaxing Pace of Life

Unlike the fast lifestyles in urban centres, Kashmir is peaceful and relaxing. In villages, pace is slower; this leads to tranquil environments along with lakes and a relaxing air surrounding houseboats leading to relaxed nature. The travellers may walk through market trails while eating on the streets and soaking the atmosphere with no need for timetables. Gardens are places where one can retreat to be alone in peace and find their sense of calm among few crowds.

5.      Affordable Compared to International Destinations

Though Kashmir tours from Jammu have some of the best natural and cultural experience, it is still cheaper compared to most of the foreign tourist destination areas. There are modest guesthouses, homestays, cheap hotels and houseboats. However, local transport, street foods and craftworks are cheap. The tourist activities are cheaply priced and affordable. Having an economical holiday in Kashmir can be made possible by planning independent travel that does not depend on exorbitant packages and tour services.


Jammu to Kashmir tour package offer numerous opportunities for adventurism, as well as cultural enrichment, while maintaining a relaxing lifestyle. The experience and benefit gained are such enduring memories one cannot forget easily. Visitors also learn about the lifestyle and heritage of the people in addition to experiencing the nature’s attractions. The experiences, though cheaper compared to international destinations, are nevertheless world-class.

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